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Did you know the very first keychain was invented all the way back in the late 1800s by Frederick J. Loudin? He was both an inventor and a member of the Jubilee Singers, an African-American choir that routinely toured the world and performed for the likes of Queen Victoria. He came up with his invention in an attempt to prevent pickpockets from gaining access to people’s keys. The earliest keychains were often made out of metal rings and chains and weren’t all that fashionable, but they got the job done.

These days, people rely on keychains to do more than just keep their keys safe. They also look to make statements with them when they pull their keys out of their pockets and purses. You can join them by getting your hands on one of the many collectible keychain options found on the StockX website. They’ll serve as the ideal accessories for those interested in giving their keys a more fashion-forward appearance.

It’s pretty impressive to see just how far keychains have come over the last century or so. When Frederick J. Loudin was designing his original invention , he probably couldn’t have imagined a world in which a Louis Vuitton x Supreme Dice Key Chain, an OFF-WHITE "FOR KEYS" Quote Printed Keyring, or an MCM x BAPE Baby Milo Charm could exist. But with brands like Louis Vuitton, Supreme, OFF-WHITE, MCM, BAPE, Balenciaga, Dior, Gucci, Kith, Marc Jacobs, and others all getting in on the action, it shouldn’t be too surprising to see how stylish keychains have become.

StockX has so many incredible keychains from some of the biggest and best designers in the business. Look through them below and decide which keychain you’d like to use to secure your keys.

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Louis Vuitton x Sun Yitian Animogram Key Holder And Bag Charm Dalmatian

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