LEGO Monkie Kid

LEGO Monkie Kid offers LEGO construction sets featuring the first LEGO theme based on and steeped in iconic Chinese culture. Monkie Kid, the Lego construction sets and the accompanying animated television series are based on a combination of two classic Chinese stories, The Monkey King and Journey to the West. Monkie Kid, a noodle delivery boy, is chosen by the Monkey King as his successor who will go on to fight demons.

In the LEGO Monkie Kid collection, you can find LEGO construction that includes hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of bricks as well as mini figures. These sets were released in tandem with different seasons of the animated series. For instance, the LEGO Monkie Kid Demon Bull King set and the LEGO Monkie Kid Monkie Kid’s Team Secret HQ set were released along with the pilot, A Hero is Born. Season 1 saw the release of the LEGO construction set Monkie Kid’s Cloud Roadster and season 2 brought about Monkie Kid’s Team Dronecopter and the Legendary Flower Fruit Mountain. Season 3 saw the release of the City of Lanterns as well as Monkie Kid’s Galactic Explorer. Season 4 brought about the Monkey King Ultra Mech and Yellow Tusk Elephant set.

Other LEGO Monkie Kid construction sets include the Flaming Foundry, Red Son’s Inferno Truck, Lion Guardian, and Sandy's Power Loader Mix Set. Several LEGO Monkie Kid building sets are no longer available from LEGO. The sets associated with the pilot, season 1, and season 2 were all retired in Lego stores by the end of the year 2021.


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