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Founded in 1952 by René Ramillon in the French Alps, Moncler has a storied history in the world of high-performance outerwear. Originally specialising in mountain gear and sleeping bags, the brand eventually transitioned into the luxury fashion sphere, merging functionality with style. The brand's iconic down jackets, recognised by their distinctive quilted design and the signature tricolour band, became a symbol of cold-weather luxury. Its fusion of haute couture and technical expertise has not only made this brand a symbol of winter chic, but also a prominent player in the broader fashion landscape.

Moncler signature pieces typically feature a sleek, tailored cut that provides warmth without sacrificing style. The brand's use of premium materials, including high-quality down insulation and water-resistant fabrics, ensures both comfort and protection against the elements. While the brand's focus has traditionally been on traditional designs, it has incorporated modern technology like advanced thermal insulation into its garments to enhance their performance. The brand often releases collections in a variety of classic and contemporary colourways, like in this Moncler Maya Short Down Jacket Black, catering to diverse fashion preferences.

What we love about the Moncler brand is their effortless blending of performance and style. While many fashion labels prioritise aesthetics, this brand combines high-end fashion with cutting-edge functionality, particularly in their iconic quilted down jackets. The brand's pieces not only exude sophistication, but also offer top-tier insulation and weather resistance, making them suitable for both urban settings and outdoor adventures.

You can pair this brand with clothing from fashion labels like Palm Angels, whose founder is also the former Artistic Director of Moncler, creating a fusion of high fashion and streetwear aesthetics. Both brands share a penchant for bold and innovative designs, making them an ideal match for those looking to make a style statement.

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Moncler Maya 70 by Palm Angels Jacket Bright White

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