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Back when NVIDIA was originally founded in 1993, the world of graphics card design was something like the Wild West, with many different producers fighting and competing vigorously. See More
But out of that chaos, NVIDIA emerged to eventually become perhaps the single most recognizable computer hardware firm on the planet. It was able to do this because from the moment when it produced its first commercial model in 1995, the NV1, it has striven to provide customers with power and excellence. This commitment to producing only the very best hardware has continued unabated all the way to the release of the GeForce 3060 Ti family of graphics cards on December 2, 2020. Units in this family come with a base clock speed of 1.41 GHz, though hobbyists can overclock the cards up as high as about 1.67 GHz whenever the mood strikes. The 8 GB of memory provided by an advanced GDDR6 RAM interface gives it even more impressive capabilities. And with a pixel rate of 133.2 gigapixels and the ability to handle up to 16.2 teraflops on a standard run, streaming games in even the most scintillatingly high quality will be a breeze. To sample the power in this impressive group of cards, try high-selling units like the NVIDIA EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti FTW3 Gaming Graphics Card.