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OVO, which is an acronym that stands forOctober's Very Own, is a popular clothing brand founded by Canadian MusicArtist Drake alongside two of his childhood friends. The brand name wasinspired by one of Drake’s mixtapes, specifically the 2006 "Room for Improvement"mixtape, which has a track named October’s Very Own. The OVO clothing brand waslaunched in 2011 and has since become a prominent name within the fashionindustry, widely known for its unique aesthetic that blends streetwear withluxury elements, as well as the iconic owl logo that symbolises wisdom,mystery, and the connection to Drake's music label, OVO Sound.

The OVO collectionstands out amongst other clothingcollections and features a wide range of clothing such as T-shirts,hoodies, jumpers, jackets, trousers, and shorts as well as accessories likehats, socks, and bags. They incorporate a mix of casual and elevated styleswhich cater to various fashion preferences, adding to the diversity of thecollection. The brand has emphasised quality and craftsmanship in its clothingby using premium materials and paying attention to the construction and fit ofits garments. This has significantly contributed to OVO's reputation forproducing well-made and durable clothing.

Additionally, the OVO apparel brand has been a part of high-profilecollaborations that have led to the release of limited-edition clothing andexclusive products that are highly sought after years after their initialrelease. Some of these collaborations include brands such as Air Jordan, CanadaGoose, and even Fear of God. Examples of the products resulting from thesecollaborations include the Jordan8 Retro OVO White and the OVOEssentials T-shirt.

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