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Supreme Shirts

When Supreme was first getting off the ground back in 1994, t-shirts like the Taxi Driver T-shirt, the Afro Skater T-shirt, and, of course, the now-iconic Original Box Logo T-Shirt helped put the brand on the map. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that Supreme continues to produce its popular t-shirts. Even though the company has grown so much over the last three decades, these shirts help to define it and won’t ever go away, no matter how many collections the brand might release.

Supreme has also branched out over the years and now sells a variety of Supreme shirts as part of its streetwear line, including work shirts like the Supreme Thermal Sleeve Work Shirt and button-down shirts like the Supreme Small Box Shirt. There are also short-sleeved Supreme shirts such as the Supreme Patchwork S/S Shirt and hooded shirts like the Supreme Fleece Hooded Denim Shirt.

Supreme shirts are also available in numerous different styles today. In some cases, they’ll be a single solid colour, like the black Supreme Nylon Filled Shirt. In other instances, they’ll include off-the-wall patterns, such as with the Supreme Abstract Textured Zip Up Polo. Certain shirts from Supreme will even feature big, bold branding, including the Supreme Automobili Lamborghini S/S Shirt. The beauty of the Supreme brand is that it takes risks with its designs and all of its apparel, making it a go-to option for creating a strong impression.

StockX would love to walk you through some of the best Supreme shirts that have ever been released. Sneak a peek at them here.

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