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Valve Steam Deck

Released in 2022, Valve Steam Deck is a handheld gaming console developed by Valve. This portable gaming console allows players to play games anytime and anywhere without sacrificing graphics quality. Although the Valve Steam Deck runs on Linux, the SteamOS front-end lets players access games in their Steam libraries as if they were on their gaming PC.

All players need to do is log in to their Stream account on their Valve Steam Deck, and their entire gaming library will appear. However, players must first download a game via the Steam app on their PC before they can access the game on the Valve Steam Deck. This easy-to-use feature sets the Valve Stream Deck apart from other hand-held consoles. Although developers such as Microsoft or Epic Games Store offer platforms that provide PC games, Steam has the widest selection of high-quality games.

This all-black gaming console is fitted with a 7-inch 1280x800 LCD touchscreen and a button layout that includes trackpads on both sides of the screen. In addition, it comes with 16GB of LPDDR5 and a 60Hz refresh rate. All of these factors combine to create a product that is powerful enough to run AAA games in a small footprint. The main difference between the variations of the Valve Stream Deck is the amount of internal storage. The Valve's Steam Deck 256 GB (US Plug) V004284-00 / V004284-20 / V004284-30 comes with 256 GB, while there are also 64GB and 512GB models available.

While there are many alternatives, like Nintendo, the Valve Steam Deck is one of the most popular handheld gaming consoles thanks to its wide body and big screen.

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Valve's Steam Deck 1 TB OLED (US Plug)

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