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Nike x Drake Certified Lover Boy Rose T-shirtWhite

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This white Nike x Drake t-shirt dropped as a part of the artist's collaborative "Certified Lover Boy" album merch, which released the day that the album was announced. The announcement and drop came as a shock to some, following the artist's 34th birthday by just two days. The drop came out of nowhere but had been rumored for months as the collection had been leaked by Drake himself on his IG story earlier in 2020. The white Nike x Drake Certified Lover boy Rose T-shirt features a black Nike Swoosh above gold lettering that spells out CLB on the front. On the back of the shirt, two roses cover the words "Certified Lover Boy" which is written in the same gold color and font as the lettering on the front. This white Nike x Drake t-shirt dropped on October 26th, 2020, for $35 USD.

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