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OFF-WHITE Mini Industrial Belt (SS19)White

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The OFF-WHITE Mini Industrial Belt (SS19) White arrives in a durable build adorned by contrasting white and red tints and bold OFF-WHITE branding across its length.

The material used in the construction of the OFF-WHITE Mini Industrial Belt comprises 60% Polyamide and 40% Polyester. It ensures the durability and tensile strength of the belt. The primary colorway of the accessory is contrasted with some red hits accents. The middle of the belt features two red stitch lines that run from tip to tip. Besides beautifying the monochrome shade, they reinforce the Polyamide material. Following the steps of the dominant color, the plastic buckle closure of this belt is also white.

What makes the OFF-WHITE Mini Industrial Belt (SS19) White outstanding? We love the jacquard branding embellishing the whole length of the belt. It features OFF-WHITE names alongside "Securing System" and "400lbs" writing. The belt was released during Spring/Summer 2019 for $190.

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