Nike Air Max 1London City Collection (W)

Nike Air Max 1 London City Collection (W)
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As part of the Nike Air Max celebration in 2015, the Nike Air Max City Collection featured city-inspired Air Max 1 Ultras in women's sizes shrouded in floral prints and designs. For the women's Nike Air Max 1 "London," the theme was red roses expressed in a mixed palette of both bright and dark hues. Using one of the deepest purples in the Nike repertoire, "Ink" is used as the base for the upper and sockliner the City Collection London. Against the dark ink base were magnificently crafted red roses paired with white accenting cherry blossoms in the background bringing the London AM1 to life. The use of these selected colors and flowers showed the classical design and culture of London. Each of the other cities in the City Pack were also representative of their inspiring metropolis and used different flowers and colors to show their style and tradition. Retailing at $180, the AM1 London were released in March, 2015 at Nike Sportswear accounts in each of the inspiring cities for International Women's Day and later at NSW accounts worldwide. The Nike Air Max 1 City Pack "London" represents the beauty and heritage of London while also further empowering women to express their personal style, no matter how bold.