Bearbrick x Clot x Nike 100% & 400% SetRoyale University Blue Silk

    Bearbrick x CLOT x Nike 100% & 400% Set Royale University Blue Silk
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    Royale University Blue Silk

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    After a blockbuster sneaker collaboration in November of 2019, the duo of Nike & CLOT teamed up again, this time for a 100% and 400% Bearbrick set which pays homage to the popular sneaker. The Air Force 1 sneaker was covered in a Blue Silk pattern, which makes its way to this Bearbrick in the form of a removable cover. This Bearbrick x CLOT x Nike 100% & 400% Set released on June 5th, 2020, and sold out immediately, generating considerable hype on StockX and quickly become one of the best selling Bearbricks on our platform. If you're looking to add a classic to your collection, place a Bid now.

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