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The women's New Balance 327 Black (W) is part of a 2020 collaboration between New Balance and luxury brand Casablanca. This shoe takes inspiration from previous New Balance models from the 1970s, including the New Balance 320 and the New Balance SuperComp.

From the outside, the women's New Balance 327 Black (W) has a distinctly soft look. The nylon fabric, soft suede and white laces give this shoe a leisurely, everyday appearance, but the thick off-white sole and spiky outsole add an avant-garde touch. A large white New Balance logo highlights the New Balance brand and complements the white shoelaces, tongue and interior. This New Balance shoe manages to be subtle and aggressive at the same time, combining New Balance's attention to detail with Casablanca's high fashion sensibility.

The women's New Balance 327 Black (W) released in May of 2020 and retailed for $100.