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Supreme Jean Paul Gaultier Tee White
Jean Paul Gaultier

Supreme Jean Paul Gaultier Tee White

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For their Week 7 drop, Supreme's reached into their luxury rolodex to call out a name as shocking as can be. Coming off a several year ready-to-wear hiatus, Jean Paul Gaultier's worked with Supreme on a collaborative collection in reference to the designer's "F*** Racism" campaign from the early 90's. Released in two colors, black and white, the tee from this collection will likely be subject to questions and criticism pertaining to it's validity as a proper box logo tee. Featuring the box logo over an illustration, the logo rests on the stomach and not the chest, mixing up the classic design. Retailing at $54 dollars, the collaboration holds far more attainable price points than some of Supreme's other luxury collaboration counterparts. The JPG collaboration and this tee released on Thursday April 11th, 2019.

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