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Bearbrick Andy Warhol x JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT #4 1000%

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27.5 IN / 70 CM

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The Bearbrick Andy Warhol x JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT #4 1000% is the fourth Bearbrick to celebrate the artistic collaboration between pop icon Andy Warhol and painter Jean-Michel Basquiat.

This fourth installment features images from their 1985 artwork, 6.99. The bear has a background of white splashed with images primarily in orange, blue and yellow. While much of the bear’s design seems abstract, the upper half of a naked red-haired woman is prominent on the bear’s torso and again on the right ear, and the price sign "6.99" is on the left ear. This ABS hard plastic bear stands 27.5 inches (70 cm) tall. 

The Bearbrick Andy Warhol x JEAN-MICHEL BASQUIAT #4 1000% was released in February 2022 for $680 retail.

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