le PÈRE Michals Fallen Angel SweatshirtCarbon Black

    le PÈRE Michals Fallen Angel Sweatshirt Carbon Black
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    Carbon Black

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    Designed in collaboration with Duane Michals, this classic crewneck sweatshirt reimagines titles from Michals' iconic photographs embroidered in different colors across the body and sleeves. Each embroidery was digitized with Duane Michal's signature style of hand-writing in mind in order to replicate his photographic inscriptions and titles.

    Made with high-quality cotton fleece.

    About the Creator
    Duane Michals and his work embody the spirit of transcending the traditional limitations of photography: writing in the margins, creating sequences of photos through prints that depict various dilemmas of the human condition, and creating poetic effects from technical errors such as double exposure and motion blur.

    12-Month Historical