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Microsoft Xbox Series S (US Plug) RRS-00001 / RRS-00005 White

Microsoft Xbox Series S (US Plug) RRS-00001 / RRS-00005White

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RRS-00001 / RRS-00005


Xbox Series S



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If you are looking for a small but mighty console, look no further than the Microsoft Xbox Series S (US Plug), which offers the next generation of gaming in a small package. This Microsoft Xbox Series S (US Plug) (which does not have a disc drive) is the smallest Xbox ever, yet offers serious performance. The Microsoft Xbox Series S (US Plug) officially released on November 10, 2020, with a more affordable retail price of just $300. Don't be shy, just click that Bid button to lock in your Microsoft Xbox Series S (US Plug). If you're looking for the PS5 Digital Edition instead, just click here.

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