Supreme The North Face S Logo Fleece JacketLime

Supreme The North Face S Logo Fleece Jacket Lime
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The Supreme S Logo has become one of the brand's most popular non-box-logo brandmarks, finding itself featured prominently on seasonally released hats and hoodies. As a part of their FW20 Week 10 release, Supreme teamed up with The North Face on a new version of the S Logo, delivering it at a size never seen before. Each item from this collaborative collection features the Supreme S Logo in a massive size. This Hooded Fleece Jacket in particular features the S Logo in a fashion that covers most of the left side of the jacket as well as both Supreme and The North Face logos on the right sleeve. The green color of this Supreme The North Face S Logo Hooded Fleece Jacket was dropped at a retail price of $298 USD on October 30th, 2020.

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